About us

We are a team of blockchain enthusiasts with a background in Information Technology and are located in the Netherlands – EU (UTC-1). We have good experience in managing complex enterprise solutions for our clients, with profound knowledge of linux, security, cloud-native solutions and blockchain.

We started following the Cardano project from early 2017 when Cardano was publicly listed.

We are not in any way affiliated with the Cardano foundation or IOHK, we are just enthusiasts about their technology and formal methods of development and running their nodes to contribute to the security of their network.

Last year we developed out own cloud-native blockchain agnostic solution on basis of the Ethereum blockchain. This solution has already proven itself and is in production for several clients.

We are committed to make our stake pools successful for our delegators. In order to succeed we need 3.5 – 5 million ADA staked in every single pool to generate block rewards for our delegators. This we can not do alone, we need your support so we can prove what we promise.

As part of our transparency towards our delegators we have opened a telegram group, twitter and e-mail channel. Via these channels our delegators will be informed about our work and can also contact us and get answers on their questions.